RHI: How a Green Scheme harmed the Environment and trust in Government

Marketplace Theatre, Armagh and Online
28 July 2021
9:45 am
£8 / €9.50
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A talk with author and journalist Sam McBride

One of the most shocking scandals in Northern Irish political history: originally a green-energy initiative, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) saw the government pay £1.60 for every £1 of fuel burned in wood-pellet boilers.  

The result - Devolution collapsed, political careers were damaged, the N. Ireland civil service was humiliated - and the environment was damaged. 

Sam McBride is author of The Sunday Times bestseller, Burned: The Inside Story of the 'Cash-for-Ash' Scandal  and Northern Ireland's Secretive New Elite, which explores the lasting impact of a scandal which is still with us today.

Can't make it to Armagh? Watch this event online by booking here!


Sam McBride

Sam is a highly respected journalist, author, broadcaster and political commentator.  He is the Political Editor of the Belfast News Letter, and Northern Ireland’s Political Editor for i News, having previously worked for The Belfast Telegraph. He is a regular broadcaster and political commentator on many news and current affairs programmes.

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