Going Equipped with a Pen - A recording of poems written by students from the Prison Arts Foundation

1 August 2020
4:00 pm
Free - Donations Accepted
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Join us for a unique event as we explore poetry written by students participating in creative writing programmes through the Prison Arts Foundation. (PAF). Creative writing allows us to communicate our interests, our stories and our experiences. The PAF residency classes not only give the student a creative learning experience but the atmosphere of the class produces finished works with writings, paintings, music, ceramics and other forms as a way to showcase achievements, enabling the augmentation and communication of ideas.

Creativity offers a fresh viewpoint, a way to move beyond isolation, challenges and develop a method of learning that suits any individual. We become somebody we never knew we could be, somebody new through creativity.

‘Going equipped with a pen’ will encourage participants to learn more about life within prisons through the exploration of themes relating to incarceration, solitude, drugs and mental health.

Thanks to Fred Caulfield of PAF who has been crucial to making this event possible. Facilitated by William Redpath – JHS Committee member.

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