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Every Monday the John Hewitt Society releases two new poetry clips. Click here for more. 

Ruth Carr (Ireland) read at the 2008 John Hewitt International Summer School, alongside Maurice Riordan, and at the 2018 Summer International School alongside Maria McManus.

Ruth was born and lives in Belfast where she is a freelance editor and tutor. She has two collections with Summer Palace Press, “There is a House” (1999) and “The Airing Cupboard” (2008).  “Feather and Bone” was published by Arlen House in 2018. 

Ruth was co-editor of the highly influential journal, “The Honest Ulsterman” for several years and edited the equally influential “The Female Line” (Northern Ireland Women’s Right Movement, Belfast, 1985) as well as compiling the contemporary women’s fiction section in “The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing: IV-V” (Cork University Press, 2001). 

She was a founder member of the Word of Mouth women’s poetry collective and her work is included in their anthologies: “Word of Mouth” (Blackstaff, 1998) and “When the Neva Rushes Backwards” (Lagan Press, 2014). She is co-organiser of an occasional reading series, Of Mouth, in the Linen Hall Library, Belfast.

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Every Monday the John Hewitt Society releases two new poetry clips. Click here for more. 

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The John Hewitt Society provides opportunities for individuals across Northern Ireland to explore issues of difference and identity through literature and creative writing. 

 Inspired by the ideals and ideas of the poet and political writer John Hewitt, The Society was established in 1987 to promote Hewitt’s ethos of utilising literature and the arts as a medium for tackling prejudice, exclusive concepts of identity, and sectarian hostility.

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