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Ruth Carr & Maria McManus

Time: 11.15am - 12.15pm
Venue: Studio, The Market Place & Arts Centre, Armagh
Tickets: £7 | Book now

Introduced by Paul Maddern

Ruth Carr was born in Belfast where she lives and works as a freelance tutor and editor, concerned with raising the profile of women in literature. In 1985 she edited The Female Line, the first anthology of women’s writing to come out of Northern Ireland, which relaunched as an e-book with herpress in 2016). She has published three collections: There is a House and The Airing Cupboard (Summer Palace Press, 1999 & 2008) and most recently, Feather and Bone (Arlen House, December 2017).

Maria McManus has collaborated extensively with others to put poetry into public space in projects such as Quotidian-Word on the Street, Cirque des Oiseaux, DUST,and Label Lit. She is curator of Ireland’s first Poetry Jukebox, currently situated at The Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast. She is author of Available Light (Arlen House, 2017), We are Bone (2013), The Cello Suites (2009) and Reading the Dog (2006) (Lagan Press).

Supported by Poetry Ireland